The second release of Sei Bellissimi is the Rossini, an ode to the famous Italian

composer Gioachino Rossini.

It is believed that this strawberry based sparkling cocktail was first served in Venice

in the mid-twenty century. We can call it “The rebirth of the classic Rossini”: freshly

picked European strawberries delicately combined with the finest Moscato of

Piedmont, delivering an unforgettable harmony fit for Rossini himself.

With its bright red colour and its fresh and pleasant flavor with an enveloping,

aromatic and pleasantly lively taste, will conquer you from the first sip.

Rossini is a certified VEGAN product.

Rossini 5.7%

75 Centiliters
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Product description: Rossini 750ml

    Country of Origin: Italy

    Producer: A.B.SPA

    Via L. Bosca 135

    Canelli (AT) 14053 PIEMONTE ITALY


    Notes: Alcohol 5.7% - Vegan product


    Capacity: 750ml


    Shelf life from production: 24 months


    Storage: Store at 15/20°C – Best served at 6/8°C

    Details about Date and Batch: ------------------------------

    Marketing criteria expiration date and production date: e.g. BBE


    Sensory and Analytical Parameters

    Ingredients: Sparkling Moscato, natural strawberry pulp, natural flavors & vegetable extract


    Colour: Bright red and pink strawberry Taste: Fresh and pleasant, with a surprising strawberry aroma


    Taste: Refreshing and enveloping, aromatic and pleasantly lively