Centenary olive trees, rare native varieties and an estate rich in biodiversity: our award-winning oils originate from in the green heart of Umbria.

The lush hills around Perugia, with a rich terrain in limestone and chalk, are the perfect soil for growing centuries-old olive trees that are up to 800 years old. Our estate, so devoted to biodiversity and certified zero CO2 emissions since 2009, is an idyllic place where nature is respected and encouraged to grow spontaneously.

Castello di Monte Vibiano, an estate of 282 hectares and over 10,000 trees. Find out more
A 40% cultivated and the rest kept wild.

Castello Monte Vibiano extra virgin olive oil represents 12 rare 100% genetically certified Italian cultivars. Cultivated patiently, all the olives are harvested by hand and at “zero kilometers” and then pressed at a low temperature to preserve the organoleptic properties of the fruit. Thanks to this long process, which combines passion and human dedication to technology, we obtain an oil with a light taste, the perfect expression of its land and its wealth.


Vibianini Basil dressing

10 Centiliters
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Basil Monodose Seasoning



    12 bottles


    Our beliefs:

    100% genetically certified Italian cultivars. Handpicked on "zero

    kilometers" on our estate.


    Expression of Biodiversity

    Our oils are the direct expression of our pristine territory,

    certified with zero carbon emissions since 2009 (DNVUNIISO14064).


    12 Rare Varieties of Native Olive Trees

    Offered both filtered and unfiltered, depending on the product.


    Use of cold pressing

    To preserve the organoleptic properties of the olives and

    light taste, opposite to the sensation of buttery fat.