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We find a fast delivery time important! After all, you want to enjoy the delicious products you just ordered as soon as possible. All orders placed before 12:00 will be delivered the next day.

Shipping information

  1. Your order will be processed with all care by our partner.

  2. Insomnia Global uses a special packaging for wine bottles. 

  3. You can track the shipment of your packages entirely online to the door with the track & trace code.

  4. Personalised services accompany these online services.

  5. A carefree delivery is guaranteed. 


As soon as your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, with a track & trace code. Note: the status of your order is not immediately visible after receiving the shipping confirmation, usually in the course of the evening. 

If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the package will be delivered to one of the neighbours or you can pick it up at a drop-off point in the neighbourhood (you will of course receive a message about this).

Shipping costs within the Netherlands

The shipping costs within the Netherlands* are:

The Waddeneilanden have an extra fee of 2,50 per box.


Shipping costs are free when picking up the order at Johan Enschedeweg 3, 1422 DR Uithoorn 

                                                  Excl. VAT

Every box of 6 bottles              € 6,50

From 10 boxes and onward    € 50,-

Extra information:

Shipping weights per product (in kg)    

Bellini (without tube)                     9.0  per box of 6 bottles               

Bellino (without tube)                    9.0  per box of 6 bottles              

Rossini (without tube)                   9.1  per box of 6 bottles             

Rossino (without tube)                  9.1  per box of 6 bottles                


Feudo Dei Vibi Bianco                  7.44 per box of 6 bottles           

Feudo Dei Vibi Rosso                    7.44 per box of 6 bottles

L'Andrea                                          7.44 per box of 6 bottles

San Giovanni                                  7.44  per box of 6 bottles

Maria Camilla                                7.44 per box of 6 bottles

Vigna Luisa Bianco                        7.0  per box of 6 bottles

Vigna Lorenzo Rosso                    3.0 per bottle in premium box (estimate due to the premium packaging)

Vibianini Extra Virgin Oil             0.1  per box of 9 pieces

Vibianini Basil dressing                0.1  per box of 12 pieces

Vibianini Lemon Dressing           0.1  per box of 12 pieces

Vibianini Heroes Box                    0.88 per box of 25 pieces

Vibianini Oil Aceto Balsamico     0.1  per box of 9 pieces


M+ Performance                            0.5  per box of 16 pieces

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