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Our story

The Story of The Trading House

Somewhere in the outlands on a beautiful place on earth – our story started with a new journey, an embracement of life, a moment of truth.

This story started some time ago between two cousins when they were travelling to “the heart of Italy, Umbria” in their youth with their families. This region, Umbria, is "the land of Francis of Assisi", born as Giovanni di Pietro Bernardone, lived as a religious, founded the Franciscan order or Friars Minor, and was canonised by Pope Gregory IX on 16 July 1228. Umbria is a region of green, gently rolling hills covered mostly with vineyards and olive groves, but there are also many fields of wheat, sugar beet and sunflowers.

The Trading House Founders Story

They were always inspired by the Italian Lifestyle, where they found the treatment of Life. On the hills of the Perugian where one day two cousins arrived in the heart of Italy, inspired by Super-Umbrian wines and Olive oil, they visited an extraordinary person, and were invited to come to the Castle of Monte Vibiano, a magical place. This changed their lives and believed that pureness of life exists what soil can do to bring to life the best Olive Oil, The best Wines and the best products of Italy. This made them decide to start the journey of The Trading House by meeting good people, share excellent food and let people taste so we can craft new stories and memories. This journey where taste is the essence of our senses. The Trading House stands for the good life in food and lifestyle where people need each other to celebrate life and a feel of trust. We all have our desire to have a good life. 

We invite you to celebrate life, will you embrace our invitation?


Cousins and Friends for Life,

Juriaan and Martijn van der Ven

Welcome to The Trading House
Bellini Aftermovie
Story of Monte Vibiano

About one of our partners
Castello Monte Vibiano

ZERO CO2 Emissions

In 2009, the first farm in the world to achieve this without using carbon offsets (DNV UNI ISO 14064), at a time when it was not trendy or cost-effective to be sustainable, leading as a true Pioneer.

World’s most beautiful fence

40% (only) of the total estate limited to agriculture,
31% as dedicated “forestry fencing” to block the influences of man.

360° Green Revolution

Launched in 2008 as true Pioneers in environmental protection.
Completed conversion of building, infrastructure, equipment, land care, and business principals.

V.I.V.A. Sustainable Viticulture

First winery to collaborate with the Italian Ministry of Environment to establish best practices for sustainable viticulture.

Premium Lifestyle

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